"Hello Everyone, I would highly recommend the 28 Day Kickstart for all you newbies, that are on the fence of being whole food plant based. This kickstart would guide you the right direction. Along with the knowledge, that you would obtain, you will be receiving delicious recipes that you can try and indulge in. Having also, a private group on Facebook for additional support and guidance, especially if you are trying to lose weight, is most helpful. And, also the YouTube, demonstrations on food preparations were very enlightening. Give it try! It's worth it! Wishing you continued good health and happy eating!"

Rosemarie G

"With all the support that Phil and Judi Caruso I was able to give up in 28 days what was my main staple my hole life Which was eggs and dairy products now I am plant base/vegan Thank you so much!!!"

Jenny D

"The overall experience was great! The lessons answered a lot of questions, and it prepared you to be on your own and know why you are choosing this lifestyle as well as how to navigate it. I learned so. much about how food affects your health. So glad I tried it."

Nicolas S

"These were very well thought out and organized meal plans. The ease and simplicity of the meals was great not to mention they tasted fantastic. There was nothing complicated and I already had a lot of the seasoning on hand. I definitely would recommend to those who are looking to try plant base meals or those who already are eating this way can find more recipes to try."

Kathy P

"The kick start was a great way to introduce new food selections, they had easy to follow menus, and a lot of great information to support the eating plan."

Anonymous Survey Taker

"Thank you Judi and Phil for this amazing program and journey. I love how you took some of the most popular dishes and items that people crave and recreated them to be healthy. The cheeses, tacos, nachos just to name a few!!! I am so much more excited to continue this journey to become fully plant based because I don’t feel deprived with these dishes. They are delicious, filling and I feel great!! You also have mastered these recipes so they work. I especially liked the daily lessons. Learning why it is best to eat like this and how it affects our bodies and the planet, really helped to shift my mindset and made it easier to make better choices when tempted. I will be going back to reread these lessons so they can become ingrained in my mind and I will then be able to educate others."

Megan G

"Fabulous meals and choices with excellent support and encouragement that’s available if you want it"

Justine C

"Joining the 28 Day kickstart program was a game changer . I was looking for something like this since i have wanted to go plant based . I loved it because there is so much variety of foods you will never be bored . It is a hard work lots of cooking but totally worth it! Overall it was a great experience and it's totally worth a try !"

Linda R

"The 28 day kick starter has a huge variety of recipes for cooking tasty healthy balanced plant based meals that I feel much more confident to make delicious foods in the kitchen now with so much flavor rather than eat the same few meals I knew to cook before all the time. The lessons have a great wealth of information and the support group is fabulous. Very positive experience for everything I have leaned and highly recommend to others to try it for your self. Very grateful thank you 😀🙌"

George Y

"I learned so much from the 28 Day Kickstart! The daily lessons were filled with really interesting information- it made me realize how much I didn’t know. The food was delicious and has motivated me to lean into a vegan diet going forward ☺️"

Cassie H

"28 day kickstart was a fantastic way to jump in to healthy eating. The meal plan was great and easily adjustable to better meet your needs. The lesson were very informative and interesting and Phil and Judy were fantastic and quick to respond if you need help. I would very much recommend starting here if you’re wanting to improve your health and learn how eat healthy."

Tami L

"Packed with useful information, tips and tons of recipes, there is certainly plenty of choice to suit everyone's palate. I tried things I wouldn't normally think about eating and found them very tasty and satisfying! My meals have got much more varied and appetizing since completing the 28 Day Kickstart!"

Cheryl L

"This was an amazing eye opening meal plan. I suffer from gastrointestinal issues so I was previously vegan for the last 6 months. However, this meal plan really opened my eyes to how much "processed" vegan food and oils. I felt a difference right away after following the meal plan. I felt better and a bonus was losing some weight."

Jen L.

"The recipes in the 28 Kickstart are so tasty and easy to prepare!! I enjoyed the layout of the plan along with the daily lessons. It was easy to eat plant-based without adding oil as well! Definitely would recommend this kickstart to anyone."

Kyla G.

"Beautiful people, lovely recipes, healthy future 💕"

Cara M.

"Being a part of a community and having others to share your journey with if half of your success. Here is all the information beautifully written for you to get you started. No googling required, no time wasted and new “food friends” made who can truly relate to what you are going through."

Lucie F.

"Absolutely the most informative, inspirational meal plan I've tried! It's nice to see something that not only tells you what to eat, but also includes recipes, how-to videos, and practice life advice. Highly recommended!"

Beth S.

"I have been a part of Phill and Judi’s group for a couple of months now. There’s no down side. They are kind people who have fabulous recipes, tips, and words of encouragement."

Colleen M.

"All of the recipes are super yummy and sooo delish. It’s worth making the change. Guys , don’t eat bland processed foods. Do your body a favor and give it the best fuel. You will feel energized, your skin will glow your hair shine and you will lose weight without even trying. Phil Is a great mentor and his recipes and advice are the best. There’s nothing to lose. Except boring. Meals. Give it a whirl. Best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve lost 6 kilos. And my digestion is beginning to heal and my immune system is also. better. I feel energized. Not sluggish and I’m loving the texture and variety and color."

Kaye G.

"Highly recommend the kick start , just give it a go !"

Yvonne G.S

"Excellent way to get a handle on a plant based diet, or to expand yr library of recipes and information."

Tammy B.

"For the first time in my life, I was made to see how plants can be tasty and versatile. It’s changed my entire outlook on how I can eat for health and keep it interesting! There has been great, friendly support throughout and I’ve enjoyed being a part of the 28 day kickstart."

Kristy R.

"The 28 day Kickstart is an excellent tool to help you start a plant based journey. It's full of recipes and tips to prepare easy meals that are not only delicious but healthy. The articles are a bonus tool that helps you understand the importance of plant based eating. Start your journey today, you won't regret making this choice."

Suzette S.