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SmartyPlants Launches....The SmartyPlants Podcast!


By SmartyPlants | April 18, 2022
The SmartyPlants Plant-based Podcast
🌱The SmartyPlants Podcast!🌱
Judi and Phill discuss everything under the sun ☀️ when it comes to living a plant-based lifestyle. 🌱
They dive deep into a wide range of subjects that will inspire you to put down that pork chop, and pick up some sweet potato fries instead. ✌️
You’ll learn why this is the most💥powerful💥 thing you can do to take control of your health, heal the planet 🌎 and to live a more compassionate lifestyle🐷🐔—by listening to important conversations with big voices in the plant world, people who have healed their bodies with plants, plant-based doctors, and maybe even a celebrity or two.
We dream of a world 🌍 that promotes the power of plants 🌱 and would love to help spread the message by reaching as many people as possible.
Tune-in and become a plant-powered rock star! 🎸

You can find us on:
We're super excited about it, and we hope you'll subscribe/follow and listen to what the have to say!
New episodes will drop every Tuesday!
It’s free to subscribe, so please help support us by subscribing today and sharing the show with someone you care about. ❤️
Peace + Plants + Love 🌱