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SmartyPlants Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 5-7-21


By SmartyPlants | August 18, 2021

This week, we bring you fantastic Mother’s Day Brunch recipes! Our Spring Veggie Quiche, our Smoky Gouda Pasta with Spinach, and our delicious Farmstand Cornbread. And, since it’s a special day, we’re also giving you 2 additional side dish recipes to try—our Kale Caesar Salad and our Creamed Spinach with Toasted Sunflower Sauce.

Our crustless Spring Veggie Quiche is light, fluffy and jam-packed with delicious flavor! The cheesy asparagus filling in this Quiche is super yummy, tastes like spring and is a great addition to any brunch!

Plant Based Spring Veggie Quiche
Our creamy and dreamy Smoky Gouda Pasta with Spinach is a perfect addition to any brunch—and will also feed 2 - 3 as a main for dinner. The spinach tossed into the cream sauce adds some tasty, and nutrient packed greens to this dish!

Plant Based Smoky Gouda Pasta with Spinach


We gave old-fashioned cornbread a kick in the overalls and created our own Farmstand Cornbread! It’s creamy, moist and crumbly, with just a touch of sweetness. The delicious veggies that are baked right into the bread, make this practically a meal itself. This will be a show stopper at any Mother’s Day brunch! It’s fun to decorate the top of the Cornbread, too!

Plant Based Farmstand Cornbread


To add to your brunch spread, we have our fantastic Kale Caesar Salad! This would be heavenly along with our Farmstand Cornbread and Spring Veggie Quiche for a Mother’s Day Brunch. It’s delicious! The thinly sliced kale, toasted nuts & seeds and Crunchy Croutons give this salad great texture and the dressing is zesty, cheesy and garlic-y. The combination is truly fantastic!

Plant Based Kale Caesar Salad


We also offer up our Creamed Spinach with Toasted Sunflower Sauce! We took an old favorite, added our creamy and toasty sauce, and brought it back for a green spring side! Anyone who tries this bowl of toasty goodness will forget they are eating nutrient-packed spinach, and become a lover of leafy greens.

Plant Based Creamed Spinach with Toasted Sunflower Sauce



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