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SmartyPlants Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 4-16-21


By SmartyPlants | August 12, 2021

This week, it’s all about basil! We’re making our Basil Pesto and using it in 2 recipes this week. It’s great because if you decide to make both recipes, you can make a double batch and use it for both recipes. I love cooking like this. It makes things easier!

The first dish we’re using our Basil Pesto in is our Penne with Basil Pesto. Our beloved Almond Parmesan is an ingredient too, so you’ll be making a batch of that first. We blend it up with toasted pine nuts, garlic and lots of basil and then toss it with hot penne pasta. It all comes together for some fresh pesto deliciousness!

Plant Based Penne with Basil Pesto

Plant Based Basil Pesto

For Taco Tuesday this week, we have creamy, dreamy Chipotle Black Bean Tacos with Fresh Lime on the menu! We’re highlighting the Fresh Lime in the name of this dish because we don’t want you to miss it. First, we slice the lime into very thin slices, peel left on, and then we mince it into tiny bits. It’s so good like this on tacos! Next, we make a creamy and smoky Chipotle Sauce that we mix with black beans, brown rice and corn to make a super tasty taco filling. We top our tacos with avocado, sweet onion, tomatoes, cilantro and our zesty lime. Don’t forget to add a drizzle of your leftover Sauce. Wow!

Plant Based Chipotle Black Bean Tacos with Fresh Lime
Is so nice to have “Sandwich Night” sometimes, isn’t it? Our Roasted Vegetable Panini with Dilly Potato Salad takes it up a notch. The combination of our Basil Pesto and our Cheesy Provolone Sauce is mind-blowing on this sandwich. The tender and smoky roasted vegetables are comforting and delicious. We put our Panini into a pan to toast them up because who doesn’t love a toasted sandwich? The crunch is the best! Make sure to make our Dilly Potato Salad ahead of time, and let that chill in the fridge until you’re ready to eat your Panini. You will love it on the side with your Panini!

Plant Based Roasted Vegetable Panini with Dilly Potato Salad

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