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SmartyPlants Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 3-26-21


By SmartyPlants | August 11, 2021

This week, we’re traveling around the globe and going international!

We start with a trip to the Middle East, with our Loaded Shawarma Fries.
a plate of fries, covered in sauce! Can you believe this is plant-food? Our fries are tossed with toasty Shawarma spices and baked. Have you ever had Shawarma? If so, you may think of it as being all about the meat—roasted, cooked on a spit and shaved for sandwiches. Well, ours is not that! We believe that Shawarma is all about spice and flavor, and we use Soy Curls in this dish, which have a great meaty texture. We pan-sear them into tasty, chicken-like strips, and pile them up on top of our fries. Then we add a dollop of our creamy Hummus, and drizzle everything with Lemon Tahini Dressing. Just look at that plate of mind-blowing Shawarma goodness!

Plant Based Loaded Shawarma Fries
Next stop, Mexico City! Tortilla soup, or Sopa de Tortilla, is believed to have originated here, where it is still a favorite. This soup typically starts with a tomato base, with added garlic, onion and chilis. What makes this soup stand out is the crispy fried tortillas tossed right into the soup. Our Creamy Tortilla Soup is made the same way, but we blend pinto beans and fresh corn tortillas into our soup, so it comes out nice and creamy. We toss some baked tortilla strips on at the end for crunch, and top it with avocado and jalapeños. Pass me a margarita!

Plant Based Creamy Tortilla Soup
Who wants to go to the Greek Islands with us? Our RedHot Greek Burger will make you dream of watching sunsets over the Mediterranean. The burgers themselves are packed with delicious Greek flavors and our RedHot Tahini Sauce is a tangy, flavor-bomb topping! We add Frank’s RedHot sauce to it, and it gives our burgers a zing with every bite. Try a Greek Side Salad to go with your burgers, which you can find in the recipe box on our site.

Plant Based RedHot Greek Burger

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