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SmartyPlants - Plant Based Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 2-4-22


By SmartyPlants | February 4, 2022

Welcome to our πŸˆSuper Bowl Blitz! πŸˆ

The Super Bowl is a week from Sunday, so we drop-kicked some fun and creative little morsels into your Recipe Box so you can score a major touchdown at your Super Bowl party!

The offensive line on your couch will be tackling each other to get to all of the deliciousness on the line of scrimmage. It’s so tasty that you’ll have to keep your eye out for a quarterback sneak! Once you reach first down, they will disappear so fast you may have to try for an interception or even call a time out.

Someone is definitely getting a penalty.🚩

At halftime, you can head back into the kitchen for the extra point, and come back with more hot and crispy goodies, straight out of the oven. There will definitely be a scramble, but don’t fumble. Keep your eye on the goal post and try to run out the clock.

You may have to fight off a few linebackers, but just toss a Hail Mary, head on down to the End Zone, and delight your little wide-receivers with plant-powered goodness. πŸŒ±

Not a football fan? These recipes are great for any party!

We’re talking about Jalapeño PoppersChili Cheese FriesCheeseburger SlidersBeefy Beer ChiliKick-Off Queso, and Pepperoni Pizza Roll-ups!


Along with these, we have also added our brand new Plant-Powered Pepperoni and Mild Cheddar-Style Cheese, to your Recipe Box as components. πŸ‘πŸΌ


Jalapeño Poppers
Jalapeño poppers are peppers stuffed with cream cheese and spices, breaded and deep fried. I’m guessing they are called “poppers” because they are fun and easy to pop into your mouth! Don’t let the jalapeño’s heat scare you away. After we strip out the seeds and bake them, there isn’t even a trace of heat left—just flavor. The smoky pepper. combined with the cream cheese filling is amazing. We take it a step further by adding a crumbly topping and Coconut Bacon. Everyone will love them!


Plant Based Plant-Powered Jalapeño Poppers

Chili Cheese Fries
What’s better than a plate of fries, covered in chili and cheese? Not much! Get ready to get messy, as you dig into this delicious plate of plant-powered fun. It may sound like a side dish, but this plate of YUM is a meal! Crispy baked fries, tasty chili, melted cheese and our Cashew Sour Cream to top it all off. Wow!


Plant Based Vegan Chili Cheese Fries
Cheeseburger Sliders
A tasty burger, some gooey cheese, a sprinkling of white onions and a few pickle slices. That’s all you need to make a great slider! Our Beefy Slider Patties are baked in the oven, stuffed into whole grain slider buns and topped with our creamy and delicious Mild Cheddar-Style Cheese. And, they can be eaten in two bites. Is it game time yet?

Plant Based Vegan Cheeseburger Sliders

Beefy Beer Chili
A nice big hearty pot of chili is always a family favorite. We add our delicious Beef-Style Crumbles to give our chili a great meaty texture. We also add an entire can of beer for a hint of malted barley and hops. Our Beefy Beer Chili is great for parties, watching Sunday football, backyard BBQs, or any time you have the hankering for a big bowl of beefy chili.

Plant Based Vegan Beefy Beer Chili

Kick-Off Queso
This is a simple, fun and spicy queso that our Mom used to make for parties. It’s a cheese dip made with a can of Rotel, which is diced tomatoes combined with green chilis. It’s a bit spicy and when mixed with cheese you have instant queso. Our plant-powered version is creamy, delicious with a nice and spicy kick to get you ready for the big game!

Plant Based Vegan Kick-Off Queso

Pepperoni Pizza Roll-ups
Who doesn’t love pepperoni pizza? Our pizza roll-ups are stuffed with our spicy and delicious Plant-Powered Pepperoni and cheesy Cashew Mozzarella. We roll them up and bake them until they are warm and crispy. Perfect for a party!

Plant Based Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Roll-ups

Plant-Powered Pepperoni
Our pepperoni is so good, it will blow your mind! It’s very close to the pepperoni you know and love—with all of the flavor and none of the oil. We mix tofu with all of the right spices, bake it and cut it into cute little slices. Enjoy it on pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, Pizza Roll-ups or give it a special spot on your next Charcuterie boards.

Plant Based Vegan Plant-Powered Pepperoni


Mild Cheddar-Style Cheese
This cheese tastes somewhere between American and Cheddar. It’s creamy and mild and perfect for burgers, wraps and sandwiches.

Plant Based Vegan Mild Cheddar-Style Cheese


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