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SmartyPlants - Plant Based Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 2-25-22


By SmartyPlants | February 25, 2022

Get your chopsticks ready!

Because your tastebuds are in for an Asian-inspired flavor sensation!

This week’s meals are full of phenomenal and exotic flavors, along with being—fresh, juicy, sweet, salty, spicy, warm, chewy, tangy, colorful, crunchy and satisfying. Basically, everything we love about Asian food.

This week, we give you: Garlic Ginger Beef, Sweet and Sour Crispy Tofu, and Beef and Broccoli Udon Noodles!

Along with these fabulous dishes, we’ve some added a super tasty and versatile component as well—Korean Beef-Style Crumbles!


Garlic Ginger Beef
Go ahead and give his dish 5 stars, because you’ll want to do that as soon as you take your first bite. It’s a superstar creation that you’ll want to make again and again. Our garlic and ginger sauce is sweet and sassy, and absolutely scrumptious mixed with our Beef-Style Crumbles and green onions. Fantastic!

Plant Based Vegan Garlic Ginger Beef
Sweet and Sour Crispy Tofu
This is our take on Sweet and Sour Chicken, which originated in China in the 18th century. Traditionally it’s mainly a mix of sugar and rice vinegar creating the sweet and sour flavors. You can find this dish on almost any Chinese restaurant menu, and people really love it. We use pure pineapple juice, and 100% pure maple syrup for sweetness, and tamari and vinegar for tang, or sour. Fresh pineapple, bell peppers and onions create the classic flavors we love.

Plant Based Vegan Sweet and Sour Crispy Tofu

Beef and Broccoli Udon Noodles
We’ve recreated this popular Chinese take-out dish for all of you Beef and Broccoli lovers out there! We add crisp-tender broccoli, our crispy yet chewy Korean Beef-Style Crumbles, and satisfying Udon noodles—all tossed in a silky, delicious sauce. Topped with green onions, this is one fantastic noodle dish!a

Plant Based Vegan Beef and Broccoli Udon Noodles

Korean Beef-Style Crumbles
Our newest meaty-crumble! Works great with many Asian recipes, in place of beef.

Plant Based Vegan Korean Beef-Style Crumbles


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