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SmartyPlants - Plant Based Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 2-18-22


By SmartyPlants | February 18, 2022

Winter is finally on-the-way-out, and spring is heading our way very soon! Well, we hope so anyway. Is that just wishful thinking on our part?

C’mon spring! We’re counting on you, old buddy!

We all LOVE sandwiches. And, our Meal Planners ask us for them all the time. We’re listening! So, we thought we’d dedicate this week to sandwiches. And, not just any sandwiches—but some classic, American favorites!

We’re talking about Italian Beef-Style Sandwiches, Lobster Rolls and Mac Salad, and Buffalo Ranch Sandwiches!

Along with these fabulous sandwiches, we’ve some added some super tasty components as well—Beef-Style Seitan Roast, Breaded Soy Curls, and Sweet Heat Buffalo Sauce!


Italian Beef-Style Sandwiches
You probably figured a plant-powered Italian Beef Sandwich would make an appearance around here sooner or later. This beloved sandwich originated in Chicago in the 30’s, and along with hotdogs and deep-dish pizza, it’s a Chicago favorite! A classic Italian Beef is created with thinly shaved roast beef, sweet peppers, giardiniera and lots of juice, on an Italian roll. You can get it dry, or “wet”, which means dipped in juice, depending on how juicy you want it to be. We like ours dripping! And, that is because not only is our Beef-Style Seitan Roast super yummy on our sandwiches, but the juice is out of this world, and creates a true Italian Beef, mouth-watering experience.


Plant Based Vegan Italian Beef-Style Sandwiches
Lobster Rolls and Mac Salad
Lobster rolls are a special New England summer sandwich—almost as popular there as our beloved Chicago hot dogs! And, the Lobster Rolls craze has spread throughout the entire country. You can now find them at seafood shacks, food trucks, high-end restaurants and anywhere along the coast.  We use king oyster mushrooms and hearts of palm in our Lobster Rolls to replicate the texture of actual lobster. Our Old Bay Crema and Buttery Spread give us all of the traditional flavors we’re looking for: garlic, lemon, mayo, smokiness and a hint of the sea. Serve them with our Mac Salad on the side and take a bite out of New England!

Plant Based Vegan Lobster Rolls and Mac Salad

Buffalo Ranch Sandwiches
We put our twist on this American favorite by adding Frank’s RedHot Sauce to our Sweet Heat Buffalo Sauce, which adds a touch of sweetness and cuts down on the heat, resulting in a “sweet-heat”. Our cool Ranch Dressing balances the heat perfectly, and creates a mouth-watering sandwich that any wing-lover can appreciate.

Plant Based Vegan Buffalo Ranch Sandwiches

Beef-Style Seitan Roast
“Seitan” (pronounced SAY-tan) is made from vital wheat gluten—the protein found in wheat. It has a great meaty texture and is used in many many different and creative ways. We have a Chicken-Style, a Pastrami-Style and now our brand new Beef-Style Seitan Roast! Seitan is super delicious and simple to make. The thought of making your own seitan roast may be a little intimidating, but don’t let it scare you off. All you need is a steamer basket and a dishcloth. Just mix everything together, form a roast, and let it steam. When it’s ready, you have a delicious roast that you can use all week long for sandwiches, stir fries and countless other recipes. You are going to love this one, so give it a try!

Plant Based Vegan Beef-Style Seitan Roast

Breaded Soy Curls 
These crispy, crunchy chicken-like strips are delicious! Use them in any recipe that you would typically use breaded chicken—such as our Crispy Ranch Club Wraps and our Buffalo Ranch Sandwiches. Or, make a yummy dipping sauce and dunk them in for a fun and tasty appetizer or snack. Even without any oil, they are finger-licking good!

Plant Based Vegan Breaded Soy Curls

Sweet Heat Buffalo Sauce
Why is this amazing sauce called Buffalo Sauce? It actually has nothing to do with big, beautiful, mighty bison. It’s a type of hot sauce that was first made in Buffalo, New York way back in 1964. The base ingredients of Buffalo Sauce are cayenne pepper, hot sauce, melted butter and vinegar, and it ranges in heat from mild, medium, hot, and 5-alarm fire! Our Buffalo Sauce is sweet, spicy, zingy and delicious! And, it’s the star component of our fantastic Buffalo Ranch Sandwiches.

Plant Based Vegan Sweet Heat Buffalo Sauce


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