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SmartyPlants - Plant Based Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 12-3-21


By SmartyPlants | December 3, 2021

Don’t you just love potatoes? We do, too. You can bake them, mash them, roast them, steam them, turn them into fries, wedges, tots, chips, latkes, scalloped potatoes, au gratin potatoes, potato salad, hash browns, twice baked, dumplings, and soup. What are we forgetting?

They are absolutely THE BEST! So, this week we thought we would bow down, salute, take our hats off to and honor them by doing a tribute to our friend, and favorite complex carb, the spectacular spud that we call The Potato.

We’re talking about Shepherd’s PiePotato Cakes with Lemon Caper Dill Crema, and Spiced Potato Tacos with Chimichurri Pesto.

In addition, we have 4 new Components and a delicious Dessert!

Beef-Style CrumblesChimichurri PestoRed Lentil Tortillas, and Turtle Brownie Bites!!


Shepherd’s Pie
Shepherd's pie, or “cottage pie” is a rich and meaty pie that originates from the sheep country in Scotland and northern England. It’s a baked meat pie made with minced or diced lamb and topped with a thick layer of mashed potatoes. For our version, we first make our Beef-Style Crumbles, that have a great meaty texture, to make the filling for the pie. We mix them with onions, peas and carrots and a delicious gravy that ties everything together, and top it with creamy mashed potatoes that turn golden brown in the oven.

Plant Based Shepherd’s Pie
Potato Cakes with Lemon Caper Dill Crema
Our creamy and delicious little cakes make a great light meal, when paired with a side salad. The star of the show is our fresh and bold Lemon Caper Dill Crema which is a fantastic topping for our little cakes. A must try!

Plant Based Potato Cakes with Lemon Caper Dill Crema


Spiced Potato Tacos with Chimichurri Pesto
These tacos are inspired by some potato tacos that I had in a restaurant once. I had never thought about putting potatoes into tacos, but they were amazing. The potatoes were spiced and then coated in a fresh, green Chimichurri sauce and topped with Guacamole. We make our version the same way, but turn traditional Chimichurri Sauce into a delicious pesto, and add Smoky Pinto beans. We also make our own delicious tortillas from red lentils. They’re light and fluffy, and fantastic with these tacos.

Plant Based Spiced Potato Tacos with Chimichurri Pesto

Beef-Style Crumbles
Our Beef-Style Crumbles are made by baking crumbled tofu that has been mixed with onions and spices. They have a great crispy, chewy, and meaty texture, and are a delicious base to many dishes—Sloppy Joes, Shepherd’s Pie, Bolognese Sauce and pasta bakes.

Plant Based Beef-Style Crumbles


Lemon Caper Dill Crema
This Crema is amazing! It’s bright, zesty and packed with fresh flavor. It’s a perfect topping for Potato Cakes, mixed with roasted vegetables, and as a dip for a crudite platter.

Plant Based Lemon Caper Dill Crema

Chimichurri Pesto
Chimichurri is just fun to say. CHIMMY-CHURRY. Some say this tangy, fresh and bright Argentinian sauce originated from an Irishman named “Jimmy McCurry”. Others say it’s a version of the phrase “give me the curry”. We’re not sure, but we do know that it is a powerful mix of fresh herbs—cilantro, parsley, oregano and garlic. Wow! We made our version into a pesto, so we can spread it on just about anything—especially our Potato Tacos and roasted vegetables. Tangy, fresh, bright and zesty!

Plant Based Chimichurri Pesto


Red Lentil Tortillas
One cup of red lentils is all you need to make fantastic, pliable, rollable, stuffable, soft, light, fluffy and delicious tortillas. Can you believe it? Seriously, these tortillas are the bomb! We add a touch of salt for flavor, and some water to blend them up, and that’s it! I have been searching for years for oil-free tortillas that are soft and fluffy and wrap well, and here they are! They are great for tacos, burritos, and all types of wraps.

Plant Based Red Lentil Tortillas

Turtle Brownie Bites
Remember turtles? Pecans covered in caramel and dipped in chocolate. Yum! Our version of this decadent chocolate candy is a no-bake brownie, and was inspired by Bella of @plantedfoodie, and one of our Instagram influencers. Our Turtle Brownie Bites are super sweet, super delicious and super rich! And, that is why we cut them into little bite size pieces, because they are fudgy and dense, and just a little bite hits the spot. The chocolate-y brownie filling is made with Medjool dates, nuts and cacao powder, and then topped with a layer of sweet caramel, and chopped pecans. A delicious turtle candy experience!

Plant Based Turtle Brownie Bites



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